I’d write about Metro 2033 but honestly I don’t think I’ve quite played enough to comment. Instead I shall be rather pleased that I think I’ve finally figured out how to effectively and safely cook beans of various kinds.

Normally I buy them dry and soak them over night in a stock solution of some sort. It varies each time but is usually tasty. Once that’s done I cook the beans on the stove but that’s hard to do and requires constant supervision to prevent the dish boiling dry or burning.

Instead I used something I’ve had for quite some time but only really just started using – a Remoska.

Annoyingly the pan for it is scratched quite badly. An old flatmate thought it was some sort of pie dish and treated it very badly. Thankfully he had the courtesy to compensate me for the damage caused, but at least in general it works fairly well even if I will have to replace the pot much sooner than I’d like.

Anyway – the heating element is at the top. This means that there can be a gap between the food and the pot. Stuff can burn to it, in theory, but it’s much less likely. So in go the beans in their stock solution. Give it a few hours and they’re deliciously soft. Wonderful.

The stock shouldn’t be poured away though! That’s siphoned off and used to cook the rice in. Much better than bland rice! Nom.

Add some cheese and pop it all in a wrap. Done!

Perhaps I’ll do a video of it at some point.

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