Today I nearly finished a document for release on tUGS. I say “nearly” because there’s a new feature we’re introducing in our document templates that needs a little more tweaking.

That new feature is a licensing box. Previously licensing details were given outside the document and unsurprisingly people didn’t abide by the license restrictions. Instead of moaning at people it makes more sense to change things to make compliance easier.

by-nc-saThe new box will contain some details of the license, Creative Commons’ little icon box, and a QR code that links to the license itself (to bridge the gap between printed media and the internet).

The thing that’s causing trouble at the moment is that most of this stuff is apparently beyond the comprehension of mere mortals. Personally I don’t really get what’s so difficult about this – we’re trying to ensure no one can get in trouble by sharing stuff we designed to be shared.

So, hmmm, how do we solve this?

Well I’m considering shooting a video of sorts to explain. There are already videos for this purpose but they tend to be too long and in depth. They’re also not specific to wargames.

Games Workshop used to have contributors to the Citadel Journal and the like sign away all rights to their work, for example. Given that Creative Commons didn’t really emerge until much later it’s not that surprising. These days things don’t have to be that way but then again things like the CJ are long gone.

Regardless of the magazines and journals being defunct the content hasn’t been rereleased and so a dwindling pool of second hand copies are all that exist, legally speaking.

The video will have to relate that and simply explain how CC licenses keep our content out there.

Personally one of my favourite things about it is that it allows remixes to be created. The Freebooter rules have allowed the creation of Outlaw MC rules so far and it looks like they’re going to be forked again to form a new boarboy mob. How cool is that?

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