I’m no stranger to fighting with people on the internet. I’m a big personality with opinions and an ego. What did you think was going to happen?

I’m also pedantic about certain things. Notably needless apostrophes, “Legos”, and referring to the UK as “England”.

There’s other things that grind my gears too though – a fact which will leave you all in stunned silence, I’m sure.

In this instance I’ve been arguing with someone on Reddit over this:

“What my mother wrote on my sister’s underwear…”

Thus far I’ve had someone spew patronising aggression at me for not understanding their point of view. I’m not actively trolling them – that’s not really something I do. Playful teasing, sure, but actively winding someone up?

That’s a real dick move.

These days people rarely properly wind me up, although one friend did a few months back. Given that he knows what my temper can be like it seemed odd – if you know the nest is full of hornets why would you slap it?

Back to the point!

I rather like a good argument from time to time. A bit of verbal fencing and mental swordplay (quiet at the back…) keeps my brain feeling fresh.

Unsurprisingly in these kinds of arguments someone usually questions my intelligence. I know I’m intelligent, that’s not something I need their approval for. I don’t think I’m the smartest man who ever lived, of course, but most of the adults I grew up around had at least a bachelor’s degree at the very least. Even now I have one of my own I’m only up to the first rung of the ladder. PhDs were pretty common.

As a result it wasn’t really until university I could find people to have casual conversation with on my level except online.

Being intelligent is usually more of a curse, I find. Getting a bit fighty over something does rather refresh the old brain pan though.

Serves ‘em right for being wrong, doesn’t it?

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