So, new Xbox. I watched the Giant Bomb crew’s stream and was underwhelmed.IMG_21052013_184037

Ryan Davis’ face…

This isn’t really about the new hardware though, it’s about the focus on TV. Putting aside the fact that many of the touted features are probably not going to work outside the US there’s this idea that TV is still relevant.

Glancing down from my skyscraper-sized high horse I can toss a condescending remark about it. In August 2007 I moved into a new flat and built a media centre PC containing four 500 GB hard drives. It could receive TV but that capability was used once in a blue moon.

These days I have a Raspberry Pi and a couple of hard drives. They do the same job for a fraction of the power consumption (and with hardware-based H.264 decoding).

I don’t use Netflix but I do on occasion use the BBC’s iPlayer. It’s my understanding that amongst my peers that this model of downloading/streaming is basically the only way TV content is consumed. By “peers” I mean people in my age range with sufficient intellect and patience to beat a baked potato in a battle of wits.

We don’t watch broadcast TV, we don’t pay for Sky, we don’t pay for cable. That ecosystem is expensive and demands our schedules and wants conform to it rather than the other way around. I saw a photo on Imgur the other day that sums up what the TV industry seems to have forgotten:

In the US there’s even a term for us – “cord cutters”. For me it’s not that I don’t want TV content it’s simply that it’s not legally available in the format I want. Until it is how am I supposed to pay?

Bringing this back around the Microsoft’s announcement (I seem to recall it was broadcast on some TV channel somewhere, how about that!) it seems to be drastically out of step with where things are going. Viewing an EPG, eh? I used one of those when I stayed in a hotel last year!

For all my snide remarks it’s ultimately just me expressing disappointment. Instead of trying to forge a new future Microsoft seem to be trying to give the past a fresh paintjob. TV, TV, TV:

2013-05-22 14.58.46There’s a TV in my living room and it sees a lot of use. That said if it was just a 32” monitor that’d work just as well because that’s all it’s used for. Well, I do still have a Freeview receiver.

See, it’s behind those two hard drives on the bottom shelf. On top of the Monopoly box – the PCI card.

I may put it in my main PC at some point simply because I own it. I doubt it’s worth selling so it might as well stick around in case I need a standard definition MPEG2 feed…


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