Whenever a discussion about eReaders comes up anywhere I seem to find people complaining about how they’ll miss “the smell of the paper” or some other such trivial foolishness.

You know what? I miss wearing wolf pelts. They’re warm, hard-wearing, and manly.

We don’t really do that any more though because it’s not practical in the modern world. There’s too many of us, they’re hard to clean, and storing them is difficult. Instead we have better housing that fits our modern lifestyles.

So why can’t we stop printing countless copies of whatever dross publishers are hoping will be bought by bored holidaymakers? Print runs are done on speculation after all, not demand.

Sell them as digital books – the margins are better and the marginal cost is minimal. For books that are better as random-access then offer print on demand. We’ve got the technology to do it, make it happen.

Is it really worth holding onto a shelf of old Stephen King books? Do we need these worthless ornaments? Wouldn’t we be happier with a bit less clutter and a bit more space?

No. Wait.

We’d miss the smell of the paper.

2 responses to "Do the pages sound like a Summer breeze too?"

  1. I still want my books. I love em and I wont part with them. You can keep your ereader Id rather have a good book.


  2. I don't own an eReader. I like books for random-access as I mention in the post. That means reference books, art books, that sort of thing. Stuff where one doesn't read them from beginning to end.

    For novels on the other hand, well, how often does one read them more than once? What's the point in having a collection of old paper that sits on a shelf, never being used?


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