It’s fairly rare for me to have something positive to say about Games Workshop. That isn’t to say that they don’t do some things right it’s simply that if there’s news it’s usually of the bad variety.

This isn’t really news, per se, but it’s content created by GW that shows me what they could do if they actually tried:

It’s a retrospective on different Land Raider and Rhino tank designs.

Fairly boring to plenty of people, I would imagine, but for those of us who used to be into GW stuff in the past and have come back to it, it’s fascinating.

For example, the original Rhino kit – I thought it came out in the early 90s or something. Nope! It dates back into the 80s!


Well GW tends to treat its history like a deformed child born a few hundred years ago. Hidden away and not spoken of. If questioned they become flustered and uncooperative.

Unsurprisingly most of us older gamers (and by “older” I simply mean people who are no longer teenagers) remember things from their past. Denying its existence just seems shady.

This video on the other hand is in reasonably good quality (720P), acknowledges the past, and links it to the present. It bridges the gap and makes things easy to digest.

I’d seen the plastic Land Raider kit in photos occasionally and behind Perspex at Warhammer World but that was about it. The idea that one could buy it exists in my mind but the reality of it is hard to picture. The fact that there were two in the original box though – bwhuuuu?!

Hearing Games Workshop talk about their past in a sensible and friendly way without sounding like some sort of shiny-suited used car salesman is refreshing.

Many of us love their models but despise their attitude. Sony are working to fix their broken corporate culture of arrogance, why aren’t GW doing the same?

We already have a reason to buy. That’s not the issue. The problem is all the reasons not to buy!

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