I notice I have a tag for “Cthulhu” on this blog. Clicking it links to, uh, five posts. Five posts out of over three hundred.


On the other hand there’s countless posts on business and the UK economy. Are they tagged?


In tagging a post one could either tag before writing or afterwards. Before means the post has to be mostly done in one’s mind before it has even been written. That’s not really how I roll, unsurprisingly. Each post is me discovering where I’m going with a particular topic, well, no, there’s probably a few exceptions but on the whole that’s the general idea.

Alternatively one can tag things after they’re written. No problem, I hear you cry, dear lonely reader. Well, think about how tagging works – one thinks about the post and attempts to attach relevant key words. How relevant does a word have to be to get assigned to it?

Furthermore how related does the post need to be to warrant the creation of an entirely new keyword?

It’s generally more hassle than I think it’s worth to create a new tag, essentially. That said, what if one were to write some sort of text parsing program that would analyse what was written and its relevance to various subjects and automatically tag things?

Tagtron (as I have named this hypothetical bot) would allow extensive tag clouds providing much better navigation for visitors. Is there much point though? Google will probably provide a link to whichever post is most relevant to a passing visitor’s query and regular readers would read regardless.

Hmmm. Perhaps this idea needs more of a point.

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