There’s a corner in Carmarthen that used to have a Millets selling camping and outdoor supplies. It was a nice place but it really doesn’t surprise me that it closed.

Now there’s a Caffè Nero there doing roaring trade. The location is ideal for such a place.

That said it does make me wonder why it’s a Caffè Nero and not some local place. I can see why such a move might be tricky for a local firm, of course, but it seems odd that there isn’t some sort of loan scheme or tax credit setup that would make financing such a thing easier.

Headlines usually focus on the number of jobs created but that’s not really how it works in terms of the flow of money, is it?

Staff will be paid, obviously, but the profits won’t be reinvested locally, will they?

If it was a local firm the furthest the money would go is into the hands of local business people. Essentially there’d be less waste.

It’s not exactly high level economics, I know, but it seems to be overlooked so often.

Who is getting rich from this?

Follow the money. There’s nothing wrong with someone making a bit of dosh from their enterprises but if they’re not spending much of it locally then how does the local economy get replenished? It’s not like there’s much primary or secondary industry to fall back on any more.


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