On many occasions I’ve been accused of being a perfectionist.

For those who truly know me this should be a fairly hilarious accusation.

I am a very lazy man. I work hard, certainly, but I don’t work harder than I need to. From my perspective that would be working against my own interests for no reward.

That said I also have standards. High ones, certainly, but not perfectionism-grade high.

The distinction here is an important one – I see that with considerably more work I could probably do better. It might not be perfection but it’d be the absolute best I could manage. I do not strive to reach that hypothetical peak for a simple reason – there’s no point. “Good enough” will suffice.

Of course, the thing to bear in mind is that “good enough” is defined as “good enough for me”. I doubt anyone normal would notice that I always finish in-line hyperlinks before the final bit of punctuation. To me the punctuation finishes the sentence and the link falls under “sentence contents” and should be filed as such.

Do I notice when other people do this? Yes and it impresses me.

So when I lay out a document I try to make sure it’s good enough to pass my personal standards of acceptability. The graphics will be 300 DPI at least, the text proof read, and things appropriately licensed.

Things could probably be more polished if I made a point of obsessing but it’d only be people much more detail-orientated than myself who would notice. Catering to people like me is niche enough.

The point being that I tend to finish things in a “It’ll do!” state rather than some hyper-polished state. Obsessing is unhealthy and I try not to do it. Any more.

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