Last night I was listening to The News Quiz on Radio 4. It’s a spot of light comedy that resembles a quiz marginally less than QI does.

Anyway, most of the time it makes me laugh. This is the first time I’ve found myself shouting at the radio in agitated rage.

Link to the question (duration 3:10)fricomedy

(Here’s the full episode (mirror for when the BBC take the file down))

I can’t admit to listening to the entire question because after a while I just muted the damn thing. Bob Mills’ comments aggravated me no end.

I don’t know how much it was played up for comedy but I just find it maddening how so many people seem confused about 3D printing.

Do they think normal printers put words on the page by bloody magic?!

Ink + paper = print

Lots of “ink” on top of itself = 3D print

I’ve seen people on QI think it’s some sort of automated carving technique, others seem to think it’s 3D scanning of some description.

Dear gods. Layer by layer build up to create an object.

Doesn’t take a PhD to understand, surely?

Sandi Toksvig makes a joke about being able to print another. Ha ha ha! Hilarious – as if that was possible! Ho ho. Let’s all have a laugh about that.

Except of course it’s possible. The RepRap project is kinda awesome.

reprapGetting back to Bob Mills and the panel I really find myself baffled as to how anyone could possible be so slow-witted. It’s like watching the godsdamned Chuckle Brothers.

We can create accurate reproductions of 3D models. That’s it. We could do it before but now it’s much easier and cheaper.

That’s all.

It’s not hunting for theorised particles. It’s not a new form of fusion. It’s laminating multiple thin layers of stuff on top of other stuff according to a 3D model.

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