Over on tUGS there’s not all that much in the way of regular updates. The site is dedicated to a game released in 1997 and so our reasoning goes that another few months here and there aren’t going to bother anyone too much.

Despite this facade of slow updates when things are being worked on there’s an awful lot happening behind closed doors. At the moment there’s old White Dwarf articles in the to-be-scanned queue, fan rules from websites across internet archives we’re securing rights to, and new stuff. So much new stuff!

That little preamble out of the way I wanted to spend this post praising the people who write for the site. They’re a joy to work with and I must say they make me proud to be associated with the tUGS name.

A problem lot of rules writers run into is the fact that simplicity isn’t thought about often enough. There’s always going to be complexity in skirmish level games, it’s part of the appeal, but knowing when to add detail and when to remove it really makes all the difference.

There’s not a single team member at tUGS that doesn’t understand this. Sometimes I find myself reading through something (I tend to act as editor) and marvelling at the elegance of rules. That’s definitely a good sign!

Then there’s an understanding of the setting and its scale. As much as people want to field Battlewagons and Killa Kans they’re just too overpowered for regular Gorkamorka games.


(Bonus fact – the Ork in the picture is Nazgrub Wurrzag, a special character from Gorkamorka)

Similarly warbosses don’t make an appearance in Gorkamorka. They don’t fit into the setting. Big Mek Booma could appear: booma_model52

But some how Big Boss Gargrim is a little too much:bigboss126bigboss127

Again, the guys on the team never seem to lose sight of this. To date I don’t think we’ve broken anything that wasn’t already broken. Just don’t ask us about bloody vehicle capacities…

Lastly there’s the understanding that if we’re doing this we’re going all the way.2013-04-28_00002

Someone’s cutting off an ear!

When it comes to our own work we don’t publish things that no one proof read. Photos are always as good as we can manage. Illustrations are presented in 300 DPI. Credit is given and licensing details provided.

As much as I love the rules from Da Deff Islands (tUGS post) all the images provided of a campaign of it look like this:

That’s not a thumbnail.

They’re all 320x240.

My first Digicam took photos that were 1600x1200. That was in 2002. These photos are from 2009.

(Oh and they’re hosted on Photobucket. How is that site still even around? Its interface is a garbled mess!)

Our photos aren’t all that good although since I got a better camera than my piece of crap Z1 things have improved drastically. There’s a few pics from it (and one from my old iPhone 3GS) in yesterday’s blog post.

The point being that we strive to provide the best quality content we can and the work the rest of the team do puts me to shame. You guys rock.

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