On Thursday I played Gorkamorka with a couple of friends. One of them had never played before and seems to have been in a similar situation to my own growing up – no one to play it with.

Well we sorted out a board and played a three person game of We Woz ‘Ere First. Despite being the only one to take casualties I actually won the game but part of that was just through some unlucky rolls and a jammed thruster!DSCF3628

The game really summed up what I love about Gorkamorka – vehicular mayhem, brutal hand to hand combat, and amusing shooting.

At several points both Ork mobs tried to run my Muties over:


IMG_4786Often I dodged, other times not so much. There was the hilarious occasion where my leader held his ground as a speeding Ork trak tried to flatten him. Of course, this was a game of Gorkamorka, his thrusters sputtered out at the last minute and his vehicle span out of control.

The trukk on the left side of that photo had just pancaked my Mutie Keeper. Gitz.

Perhaps this was revenge for an occasion in the past where the same model in a different mob got squished by another Ork trukk…

There was also a moment of internet fame when our new guest mentioned that it was rather surreal playing with the terrain in the middle of the board (as seen below):


I made it for a contest over on Terrain from Junk ages ago and it has appeared on tUGS a fair bit too. I just reminded me that whenever we do work for tUGS we’re not just shouting into the void. Plenty of people read the site it would seem!

Admittedly we knew that because we do extensive stat tracking. We do kinda know what we’re doing behind the facade of incompetence I manage to present so effectively!

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