I read a blog entitled “1001 Rules For My Unborn Son” but I find that the closer to 1001 it gets the more judgemental and preachy it becomes.

The one rule that always stands out for me is 465.

465. One day you will be too old to wear a leather jacket.


You see, that makes me sad.

I don’t mind getting older, at least not for now, but the idea that one day I have to give up wearing certain clothes feels needlessly harsh.

Furthermore, well, it’s simply not true!

Here’s a photo from June 2011:


That’s my mother and her older brother. They were both born in the early 1940s.

Perhaps one day they’ll both be too old to wear leather jackets. Maybe.

It should perhaps be noted that she has one too – in fact she’d have two except I borrowed one because I like it so much.

So to have someone lecturing from afar that such garments aren’t appropriate after a certain age rather annoys me. It’s rubbish unless taken absolutely literally. Yes, there will be a day if I live long enough (nursing home long), but we all know that’s not really what was meant.

It’s a sturdy and versatile material – embrace it!


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