A while ago I mentioned an upcoming strategy game called Death Inc.. Sadly the Kickstarter pledge drive didn’t hit its target. That saddened me, unsurprisingly, as I was looking forward to it.

There’s two bits of good news though – one it’s back:


Two – the bottom tier is now $10 (before it was £10).

The fact that it’s in US dollars is actually very handy for me. Most of my user testing work gets paid in dollars and so I have a load of dollars sitting in my PayPal account. Not so handy for buying food, of course, but pretty good for paying for products from the US. Admittedly I think Death Inc. is actually a UK project but whatever!

Something else that makes me happy is the fact that there’s forums. I love a good forum.

They’re going out of fashion these days of course but they’re not gone yet!

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