Van Wilder isn’t exactly a great film but I do like the idea of recruiting a PA to help manage my life. When I was in university there were times when that role would have been a real one. Lots of the time I didn’t have a lot on my plate but during my society days it could get rather hectic.

Personal assistants aren’t exactly unheard of but I can’t say I know of many people that have them. What if that wasn’t the case?

What if they were much more common?

Taking a moment to think about this hypothetical yields some interesting results. To do the job requires dedication, a varied skill set, and excellent communication skills. Doing the job provides opportunity for mentoring, networking, and hands-on experience of whatever the organisation does.

What does the candidate need to bring to the table? A sharp mind, a good attitude, and willingness to learn.

Skills in other areas such as event management or additional languages would definitely help. Beyond that any sort of qualification could probably be put to use.

Of course at the moment we’re hiring fewer people because money is tight. This is in turn bad for the economy as fewer people have money to spend.

What if one created a subtle campaign to make the concept of PAs cool and relevant?

I’ve seen attitudes change through simple marketing schemes. Uncle Dave was kinda right – people will believe things if you just tell them enough times. Provide a consistent message and a bit of credibility and you’re good to go.

What if this was used to indirectly stimulate the economy? Creating a desire for PAs?

Imagine someone interviewing for a medium-level executive position and asking “Does this post come with a PA?” as if it was the most reasonable of requests. Dramas could slot it in as a background thing, a minor element in plot lines.

PAs are useful in plot lines, hell, Suits is basically built on the premise.

It was just a thought, anyway.

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