p-dg1-art-280I’m not a “bro gamer”. I’m not FPS Doug either.

I don’t know how to categorise myself with regards to games but that’s not really what I’m getting at today.

Today I’m thinking about FPS games.

My taste for them comes and goes but ultimately they can be a lot of fun (not to be confused with “alot of fun”).OR71S

The thing being that despite not being the aforementioned “BOOM! HEADSHOT!” FPS Doug I do rather enjoy a nice game of “Use gun on man”. Shooting enemies in the head is a satisfying little puzzle.

Of course, in reality I wouldn’t waste my time aiming for the head. With an assault rifle I’d be firing 5.56 mm rounds in all likelihood. They’re not perfect but a few hits will certainly ruin someone’s day unless they’re wearing state of the art body armour or similar. The chest is a bigger target and contains lots of vital organs, that’d be where I’d be aiming if only for practical reasons.

That said in games it’s often about headshots because their depiction of firearms is so laughably inaccurate. Everyone and their dog seems to love the Halo series. Personally I never cared for it – the basic assault rifle is complete trash in all the games and the vehicles tend to be a slow, floaty mess. It’s the shooting that gets to me though – if I have to empty an entire magazine into a single enemy officer I get rather bored.522691-halo-combat-evolved-macintosh-screenshot-helping-out-with

I tend to favour battle rifles in games as they tend to offer something useful – a powerful and accurate weapon. In reality I’d much rather have an assault rifle because there I’d be looking to suppress the enemy rather than outright slaughter them. Unfortunately videogames haven’t, for the most part, managed to figure out how to model enemies that aren’t completely suicidal.


Until they do I’ll use something like the M1 Garand to get the job done. “Spray and pray” is a mug’s game. Aim down the iron sights and give the mouse button a squeeze when there’s an enemy dome between the posts.

…and if the game doesn’t insta-kill the target then I tend to be extremely aggravated. It a second round doesn’t do the trick then I tend to stop being annoyed and switch to simply being disappointed. I’m sure you can see how much worse that is.

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