Earlier today I saw this on Reddit:BC3KQ1S

It took me a few moments to spot what the caption was going on about before I spotted the cloud star destroyer.

These things:


What struck me was that when I was about ten I would have been rather more impressed. You see I used to love Star Wars. I can’t say I knew everything about it but I was quite the nerd for my age. This was in the ‘90s before the three prequels, I should note. It was also before I had access to the internet.

Information was available written down or not at all, essentially.

I loved the Action Fleet toys (my love of miniatures didn’t start with Gorkamorka, unsurprisingly). I remember being given the snowspeeder on one of my birthdays by a friend:


It’s still one of my favourites.

If memory serves I managed to collect:

  • The Y-Wing
  • The X-Wing
  • The B-Wing
  • An Imperial Shuttle
  • Slave I
  • Darth Vader’s damaged TIE fighter
  • …and The Death Star

You might think it was my pride and joy but it really wasn’t. It was cool and I wouldn’t want to part with it. The other models were so much better.af-deathstar3


These days though, Star Wars? M’eh.

It’s not actually because of the prequels. I don’t particularly like them and feel they’re in a completely different tone (CG shininess vs. the delightfully battered aesthetic of IV, V, and VI) but that’s not what puts me off.

There’s just so much more information available now. All the mystique has been destroyed and replaced with a wealth of information that is incomprehensibly vast.

Awesome diagrams and some engine details were amazing when I was younger. Now I see the start of the Slave I article on Wookipedia and think…

Slave I was a modified prototype Firespray-31-class patrol and attack craft used by…

…A what? That has its own article? Ugh. I just wanted some diagrams of the interior…

As much as I love a rich setting it would seem that sometimes it’s just too much. Mass Effect gave me that impression when I tried to play it. The amount of information it tried to feed me made me think “This stuff is fiction. I don’t want to be given a mandatory reading list just to enjoy myself.”

This is entertainment we’re talking about. I love when a timeline makes sense but after a certain point the extra information becomes actively off-putting. When entertainment becomes work for the recipient surely an editor isn’t doing their job?

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