I’ve been doing a spot of internet archaeology. There’s not all that much in the way of content for Gorkamorka out there, thankfully, but securing permission to remix it is tricky.

Arguably I could just go ahead and do it without permission, which is what I’ll do if I’ve exhausted all other options, but before doing that I prefer to at least make a proper effort to find the original author.

Bear in mind some pages look like this:


Yeah… That page is from 1999 or thereabouts.

Even Depiff was horrified by the look of the page.

I’ve not really looked through the rules yet but as it stands could you really imagine anyone using this page?

No, not really.

Well, given that plenty of Warhammer players cling to the garbled mess that is Photobucket and post warnings before uploading high res photographs (in 2013..?) it wouldn’t really surprise me if some stubborn git did use them.

That said unless one is looking for them they’re likely to fall down the cracks of the internet. They’re already being mirrored after GeoCities closed down, after all.

I’ve just unearthed a whole whack of old content from the late 90s. Not a ridiculous amount but given how difficult they were to find it’d be a shame if the work was lost.

I also really enjoy contacting the original authors to get a positive response that’s all nostalgic. There’s something rather magical about being an internet historian in that respect. These sites rarely have photos of their own, although there are exceptions, as this was before digital cameras became readily available. Take into account my earlier comments about Warhammer players’ tendency for slow adoption of technology and you can understand why images of any kind are few and far between.

On the plus side these days images are easily sourced and sometimes Clayton is available to illustrate things too.burnaboy

Furthermore Jenny has penned some new header and footer artwork. Soon the internet will no longer have to deal with my hideous graphics!

Whether I’ll go back and redo the old documents remains to be seen. Perhaps I’ll leave that for a bit. Either way there’s a whole lot of content still to be processed for tUGS.

I apologise for the somewhat garbled nature of this post, perhaps tomorrow I’ll be able to marshal my thoughts well enough to describe the process I’m talking about in such a meandering way.

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