I’ve had my battered old iPhone 3GS since Q2 2009 and it has served me well. So well that I have no intention of replacing it any time soon.

There’s two reasons for this – expense and disinterest.

New phones are shiny and nice but ultimately do not offer all that much more. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy new technology but only when it’s actually at a good cost/benefit ratio.

I paid through the nose for my 3GS as I got it around the time it was released. Whether that was worth it at the time is questionable but seeing as it has so far lasted nearly four years with no real end in sight I would say I got a pretty solid deal.

I love smartphones and eagerly anticipated an Apple phone long before it was announced. I didn’t like their MP3 players but their interface was excellent. My previous smartphones had used Symbian, specifically Series 60, and whilst capable its UX was abominable. I had an iPhone from when they were new and later upgraded to a 3GS, skipping the 3G.

Though there have been several models since I cannot say that any have really changed things that much. A better camera is nice, a better screen is okay too, but other than that..?

The big change between my Nokia N70 and my iPhone was the user experience. I could actually do fewer things on the iPhone than on the N70 but what it could manage it did in a way that was pleasant to use. The 3GS introduced me to an Apple handset that could use 3G, GPS, record video, and had reasonable speakers. It performed better too and had a better camera, but those were the big advantages.

By comparison I look at more modern phones and ask “Yes, and..?”

The only feature I can think of that interests me enough to consider upgrading is projection. Phones now exist with built in projectors.

Being able to lie in bed and project videos onto the ceiling or similar strikes me as rather fun and useful. I don’t watch many videos on my phone, although I have done on occasion, but given that many more sites support streaming now it seems quite feasible to use my phone for this job. Furthermore XBMC runs on phones these days and would allow access to my media centre. Tasty!

gsmarena_007Unfortunately there’s only a handful of phones with the tech at the moment and it doesn’t seem all that popular just yet. Also battery life suffers incredibly. Get it sorted, ladies and gents, maybe I’ll one day buy something from you if you do…

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