In the realm of smartphones these days there’s iOS and Android. Oh and Blackberry.

Yeah, about that…

Why is it that Blackberry phones were ever popular? Their feature set is impressively lousy compared to other smartphones and everyone I’ve known who has had one has moaned. Not the fun kind of moaning either.

Apparently RIM have rebranded themselves as Blackberry and are having another go at things. For all my negativity they look like they’re finally doing something innovative – profiles.

That is to say allowing easy switching between identities on a single phone. For example “personal” and “work”.

For me that’d be very convenient as I tend to have assorted projects on the go. Being able to run a profile for each of these would certainly be handy, particularly if I could lock them so a password or similar would be needed to switch.

Thankfully I cannot imagine such a handy feature won’t be copied immediately on the two “real” players in the market. I’m wondering if Apple are going to manage to find another creative lease though. Recent phones have been incremental at best and the “wow” factor just isn’t there.

Anyway, returning to the point, it seems incredibly difficult to run multiple identities side by side. I run at least three different browsers, for example, simply to cope with the different accounts for Twitter, Tumblr, and so on. I can’t imagine my situation is common enough to be solved soon but perhaps if the separation of work and home life on the same device takes off as a usability concept then there’s hope?

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