On forums I tend to get into arguments. Sometimes they’re heated debates where both sides are firm in their convictions, others I cannot tolerate their idiocy any longer. Occasionally it’s simply because someone fails to grasp what I said and gets incredibly worked up over something that I neither said nor meant. It probably works the other way around too!

Most recently I was arguing with someone over a question I asked on both /r/Warhammer and /r/Warhammer40k. The former is actually more like a generalised Games Workshop board and is about four times the size of the latter. It’s also about four times as hostile and I avoid posting in there if I can avoid it simply due to how unfriendly the members tend to be. Occasionally though it’s necessary in order to get enough eyeballs on the problem.

I’m working on improving my sculpting as many of you probably know. I currently sculpt greenskins which involves a lot of musculature for the most part. It’s tricky but I’m learning. What it doesn’t involve is clean lines and machined surfaces. I’d like some practice at that and as such am looking for other projects that might be worthwhile.

I’d like to make some models that could act as stand-ins for Sisters of Battle. The standard infantry unit, Battle Sisters, haven’t changed in over fifteen years and as such seem a good place to start, at least until plastic models are released.

Modern models tend to be fairly standardised: legs, torsos, heads, arms, weapons, accessories.

Weapons, heads, accessories, and probably arms too are all available from Games Workshop or third parties. What I’d need is torsos and legs.

The thing being, Sisters wear power armour. It’s not quite as bulky as that worn by Space Marines as they’re only human whereas marines are superhuman behemoths. That said in real world modelling terms the size difference between humans and superhumans tends to be fairly negligible, really.

So, having done a spot of googling I thought I’d ask the community if there was some set of plastic Space Marine models I’d missed that might be a good fit.

Here’s where the misunderstanding comes in – they seemed to think I was asking “How can I make a small army of Sisters of Battle?”

What I was actually asking was “Good Space Marine legs for Sisters conversions?”

I'm looking to put together some sisters and it'd be handy to be able to have some plastic to work from as a base. Ideally Space Marines of some variety so I could sculpt some parts that would fit with both the GW plastics and all the other third party resin legs.

Any suggestions?

One particular poster seemed unable to grasp that I wasn't asking for conversion tips. He kept insisting I should use Eldar parts because it’d be easier. For example:

However I did think through the process though and came to the conclusion that Eldar guardian legs might be a better choice than space marine legs, as the general shape is closer between the two. All you would really need to do is shave of the pads on the sides of the guardians legs (just below the knees) and then add details and fill in the line running down the thighs with greenstuff.

Despite numerous attempts to clarify he seemed unable to grasp what I was trying to achieve. Space Marines are what Games Workshop sell the most of. They’ve barely changed in twenty years and given how much more conservative their business strategy is these days I can’t foresee any drastic shifts any time soon. As such they are a standard. Third party manufacturers make parts for that scale and with those connectors in mind. As a result Kromlech legs will fit on Anvil Industry chests with Games Workshop arms, Puppets War weapons, MaxMini backpacks, and Chapter House heads.

So if I could get models to fit that standard it would make the other parts cross compatible. If the sizing doesn’t work out then I won’t go that way, obviously. I just wanted to avoid a situation where I finish the torsos and legs and come across someone saying “Why didn’t you just use the Space Marine legs from set X? Would have saved yourself some time!”

This seems to have been completely misinterpreted though as I then found myself on the receiving end of comments like:

Second, if you are trying to help someone else get in to the hobby without teaching them any of the conversion or green stuffing techniques then why are you having her make plastic SoB? You are better off just either getting metal SoB and subbing in the plastic IG vehicle equivalents or just having her play a straight up different army all together. This also doesn't account for the fact that the SoB codex isn't really in a good place right now relative to other codices and certainly isn't the easiest start with, and if you are proxying them anyway then what is the point of kit bashing really lazy models.

The sculpts are ostensibly for Jenny to build a Sisters army counts-as, although I’d love some models for myself too. The thing being that they appeal to her. I’ve not read the Wheel of Time books but she tells me that the Sisters remind her of some characters/faction in them that she would love to recreate in some way. They’re also the 40K equivalent of Mordheim’s Sisters of Sigmar battle nuns.

The point being that I haven’t asked her to play 40K, I have friends to do modelling stuff with. We do loads of other stuff together and apart so I don’t feel it’s important that she gets into it with both barrels, so to speak. All I ask is to be allowed to enjoy my toy soldiers, although really I have no need to ask for that as it’s offered without question.

So to have someone say “Why don’t you have her do X?” actively offends me. I’ve not said “How about these? Maybe you’ll like them?”

I also haven’t tried to push her in any direction with regards to army choice. If she likes Necrons, or Space Marines, or whatever, I don’t have a preference. I’ll still be playing Orks at the end of the day!

I play Orks because I’m passionate about them. If I can’t play as them and nothing else takes my fancy I play a different game. I’m not going to spend time, effort, or money on a hobby that I don’t enjoy. Furthermore if I’m not passionate it’s very hard to sculpt cool stuff to sell!

The codex remark is also irrelevant. Even if the new codex was completely different it just doesn’t seem that standard infantry units are going to go the way of pickled dodo sandwiches. The unit size might change, they might get some new special weapon options, but ultimately nuns with assault rifles are going to still be required en masse. Aha, mass.

This went back and forth for a while because the other person seemed to think I was trying to help my friend create a small army of models. That wasn’t what I asked. I already know how I’m dealing with that issue.

They even claimed I came asking for advice and wasn’t listening to them because I wasn’t interested in their incorrect answers. “Eldar Guardians” isn’t an option when the question asked is “Which Space Marine legs would work, if any?” any more than “Hot chocolate” is an answer to “What would you like from the fridge?”.

I’m a special kind of lazy – I’ll design and work hard to implement solutions today so I can relax tomorrow. It’s a practical puzzle and solving it is very satisfying. Trimming plastic details off the sixteenth model in a squad on the other hand is only marginally more interesting than spending the day photocopying receipts.

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