I’ve been trying out the latest Tomb Raider game and enjoying it more than, well, I’ve tried in the past to enjoy the series but this is the first time I’ve succeeded.

I’m enjoying the setting and the exploration is fairly fun.

That said, I cannot shake a particular thought whilst playing. It tears me away from being immersed whilst also making me feel impressively pedantic at the same time.

If these places were real, someone built them.

Take the German-built radio tower. Aside from the interior of it making no sense (1950s style computers?) it’s clear that to build something where it is a lot of man power and resources had to be used.tower

We’re talking many tons of steel, vast amounts of concrete. All of them would have to be pulled up the mountain too in some way.

During WW2 steel wasn’t just handed out – it’s a fundamental resource of war. That steel could have made thousands of MP40s, or StG44s. That sort of thing really matters under those circumstances – weapons were redesigned to use as little metal as possible so they could be made cheaply and quickly.

All the resources had to be diverted for something like this. It was no accident. Plenty of people had to answer to plenty of other people to make something this big happen.

Similarly there’s lit candles everywhere. Putting aside the fact that they’re lit someone had to make all those candles. On an island like this one, where’s that going to happen?

It really takes me out of the game when I see things that don’t make sense like that. I can accept all sorts of magic and science fiction, but when we’re talking concrete and steel there has to be some sense.

I’d love for such places to exist, I truly would, but this wasn’t the might of the USSR throwing low quality steel at any number of projects in remote places.1

The Soviet Union could afford such excesses. The Third Reich could not, even if it would have liked to. Man power, maybe, but steel, multiple ships, construction equipment? No, I don’t buy it.

I really hope I’m wrong. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if such places existed out there somewhere?

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