With the impressively lousy launch of the new Sim City game I find myself once again asking - why does anyone with a functioning brain preorder videogames?

Going to the midnight screening of a film can be amazing fun but films are finished when they're released. Video games can take months before all the bugs are worked out, not to mention all the server issues at launch.

Videogames also are available on demand. It's not like they're suddenly going to stop being playable. Miss a film in the cinema and for the most part that's it; there won't be another chance. The price isn't likely to fluctuate all that much either.

If I get access to a game within about three months of release I'm happy. If I get it the week it launches it'll be a buggy hunk of junk in all likelihood. Furthermore it'll cost twice as much. Why would I bother? I probably won't even play the damn thing for a few weeks anyway.

This is not a new problem yet every major release has these issues and no one learns. It'd be nice if games were ready on release but as consumers we seem to be gagging to have our hopes dashed by developers who have over promised and under delivered.

I'm not paying full price to beta test your game. Sorry.

Conversely paying less up front with the understanding that the product will take a while to be polished rather appeals to me. It seems to have worked well for Minecraft at least.

I'm wondering where pricing is going to go though as Valve are learning fascinating things about our purchase behaviour through their sales while KickStarter is changing what we pay for and when. Combine that with smartphone app stores and it's about to get rather interesting in the download market, methinks.

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