It seems that in Google’s ongoing campaign to push its own social network sacrifices are being made. That is to say services users like are being chucked out to force them closer to G+ by the looks of things.

Lots of other things have bought the farm but mostly people haven’t been too bothered. Then something big happened – Google Reader was given an expiry date.

feedlyI don’t really use RSS readers all that much these days. I sometimes have a bit of a play with Feedly but mostly I rely on Reddit.

I really love RSS as a concept but it does seem that as a technology it has had its time. I don’t mean that in the sense of it being dead more that its opportunity to dominate the end user market has been and gone. It’ll still be very useful and popular for a great deal of different sites but in terms of delivering content to James Public and Sara Normal I think it’s had its day.

The sad thing being that RSS used to be one of my favourite technologies. Its potential for amazingness and clever content aggregation was (and still is) remarkable. It seems that normal consumers just don’t see it that way. Their concept of what they want to see seems to mostly come via social media, provided by others. That is to say they want their content curated and brought to them rather than dealing with the perceived hassle of finding interesting websites themselves.

There’s certainly something to be said for that. I use Reddit like that to some extent but it’s not a perfect solution. It’d be interesting to see what an AI could manage. One day maybe I’ll have a device like Wonkers from Dreamfall.


(Aside from being a companion he pulls down news feeds and curates them to his owner’s preferences to some extent)

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