One of the reasons I argue with people online as much as I do is simple - it gets my noggin working.

When trying to beat someone in an argument I'm forced to try to quickly build an argument from assorted components in my head. Occasionally I even make a friend through mutual respect. That's fairly rare though as it seems most folks don't take kindly to being beaten.

As long as the other person beats me properly, that is to say with solid arguments that trump my own, I'm actually fairly happy. I am not always right but if no one points it out how am I to learn?

Something I find myself drawn into arguments fairly frequently on is spelling and grammar. My own grammar isn't perfect but my spelling and vocabulary is pretty damn good. I cannot abide lazy mistakes though, that is to say the kind which one could spot through a single glance. The wrong kind of "your" aggravates me no end, for example!

Unfortunately, or possibly fortunately, most people don't seem to grasp how a spelling mistake like that reads in my mind. The best way I can put it is to imagine someone is playing a pleasant tune on a piano and then hits completely the wrong note. It totally disrupts the melody and makes it difficult to get back to enjoying the music. That's how basic spelling mistakes end up for me. PARSE ERROR.

Of course when I point this out people are rarely sympathetic. Apparently it's more important I understand how they feel than the other way around. Also apparently I'm no fun at parties and don't get laid, or similar.

I'm struggling to stifle laughter at those idiotic assumptions.


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