I frequently find myself confused by why people make the argument “But you won’t be paid as well…”

I understand the desire for material things. Stuff is nice.

When it comes down to it though, do we look back on our lives and see the experiences we’ve had or the things we’ve bought with our days?

The things we can buy aren’t even designed to last that long and our economy is built around wanting more than one can have. This is no secret.

So when it comes down to a choice of company A paying £35K and company B offering £40K the choice should be easy. Well, that is if money is what matters. Personally I can’t stand doing work that drives me to suicide through boredom. If it’s a choice of job A being interesting and satisfying why would I take the monotony of job B?

It aggravates me because it’s taken as a universal truth that money is what matters. It does matter, of course, I’m not suggesting otherwise, simply that after a certain point what more would that money buy? After tax it’s not all that much, really. What would it buy that would be good enough to justify a daily grind?

If the difference was £35K or £100K then I could see a marked difference. The latter could allow one to buy a house much sooner, for example. But an extra few hundreds a month? Without self discipline it would be wasted away so quickly anyway. £283 or so, according to the BBC calculator. That’s the difference per month that the extra £5K would make.

That’s really not enough to justify the majority of daylight hours in a month doing something tedious, is it?

So if it was a choice doing something more interesting like being part of an interesting project, or managing a great team, or just being part of an environment that made each day a serious of tasks mixed in with cheerful conversation and satisfaction. That seems worth the lower salary.

It’s cliché, I know, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. I know I was happier putting in fence posts than I was photocopying receipts.

Here, have an overused image to go with the hippy musings:the-dark-knight-joker-heath-ledger-burning-money

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