Something I love about Bob’s Burgers is the fact that it’s small scale. Scenes take place in a variety of settings but generally the scope is within a single town, usually less.

This isn’t to say I want all my TV shows to be like that, not at all, but I appreciate a show that chooses to work with a few limited elements and get them right. The dialogue is excellent, the voice acting makes me laugh, and the plot isn’t always predictable American television drivel.

I’ve been having a go at watching Dollhouse and made the foolish mistake of watching S01E13. This episode shows a post apocalyptic future that isn’t entirely unlike the one found in the Terminator universe.

The problem with that is that it’s not what I wanted from the show. A big conspiracy? A huge, secret organisation? The end of the world?


Can we have an American live action drama show that doesn’t have these for once?

I was hoping that the reason the “dollhouses” could exist in that universe was because they were small scale. Very well financed due to the nature of their work (providing men and women with customised minds to do various things. Somewhere between an assassin agency and a brothel). Multiple establishments, sure, but not countless.

When things get too big it’s hard to control them. Fewer people is better for secrecy. Hardly brain surgery (aha).

The second series hasn’t concluded but as I know where it’s eventually going to end up I’m really struggling to care. I’ll finish it, it’s good to work to, but it amazes me how unimaginative the surrounding elements ended up.

Small conspiracies succeed more often than big ones. Would it have been so hard to write something that didn’t end up in New World Order tinfoil hat territory?

Apparently so.


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