There’s an article on the BBC today talking about the “risks of pornography” that has me a little conflicted.

I suppose part of it comes down to defining pornography. By that I don’t mean whether Michelangelo's David is pornographic but more about what modern pornography is.

On the one hand there’s mainstream pornography, for want of a better word. Stupidly named performers, ridiculously fake, all the tenderness of a thrown knife.

biancaOn the other hand there’s, well, the rest. That covers everything from niche fetishes to amateur videos. Who doesn’t have access to cameras that can record video these days?

The point being that porn isn’t binary any more. Arguably it never was. There’s good porn, bad porn, realistic porn, unrealistic porn, and the weird and wonderful. Some things I love put off other people and vice versa. Wouldn’t it be boring if we were all the same?

Re-reading the linked to article I find myself wondering what the concern is fundamentally based on. Protecting children from sexual predators is mentioned, unsurprisingly, but that’s an edge case at best.

One teacher told the conference she feared books like Fifty Shades of Grey normalised sexually abusive relationships.

Or opened their eyes to the fact that sexuality isn’t as simple as has been portrayed for the last few hundred years? How terrible. We can’t have children…learning! It’s shocking and disgusting!

What I do find offensive is that it’s better that children be ignorant and be moulded by their teacher’s views rather than develop in their own ways.

This generation will be different from the last. We were different from our predecessors. My older sisters (in their 40s) were different from their parents. I’m sure the principal here is clear.

Who are we to define how they should feel about sex? If they are less uptight about it how is that intrinsically bad?

There’s obviously areas where sensible caution needs to be exercised but ultimately if we don’t help them learn they’ll just do it without us to help them when they get in trouble.

You cannot plan the future. Only presumptuous fools plan. The wise man steers.

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