I’ve now been writing a post every day (with a single exception) for over three months.

It was a New Year’s Resolution I came up with in December and decided to run with. The thing being that I don’t do resolutions as I feel they’re needlessly artificial and put off doing things until later. I’ve had loads of practice at procrastinating and as such felt that in order to progress I should jump right in and start.

The other thing being that while I’ve mentioned it in passing I didn’t want to start talking about the project until I was well under way. Much like choosing a final name for a project is usually a bad first step it seemed a better idea to see how it went before “running my mouth”.

I’ve actually done this in the past, long ago, on a blog called “Tech Nonsense” running on a sub domain over on WD many moons ago. Sadly something went wrong (I don’t recall the specifics) and I essentially lost all my plog posts (plog was the platform, now known as LifeType). I did it for a month and a half, I seem to recall, in about 2005 or 2006 and it was relatively painless.

Anyway, this isn’t a milestone post. I think it’s actually post 96 since I started on December 12th 2012. I’ve not done much in the way of stat tracking either as I didn’t feel this was a drive to generate traffic instead it’s a fight to get better at writing both in terms of volume of words and quality.

The thing being at university I really didn’t write much. There weren’t regular assignments to do for the most part, only an assessment or two per module. I don’t really like writing and find requirements for large volumes of words to be quite intimidating. That said I also feel it’s daft to feel that way and not do anything about it. As you can see, I’m giving it a shot!

Where possible I try to include some images to break up the text and don’t really expect anyone to read my ramblings. I know of a few people who do (thanks, guys!) and I try to write in such a way as to not offend anyone more than I would in person. But really, who completes a four year degree in the UK and can’t spell “voila”?! Ahem.

I don’t know how long I’ll keep this up but with any luck, all year or longer. It does me good to have some regular commitments, I think, even if at times they’re a chore. My work schedule is free floating and I hope I can create a bit more stability in that arena over the coming months. I’m improving though so that’s a definite plus. Hopefully one day I’ll be better equipped to deal with that aspect of life as at the moment I really need to work on it.

Right, Fox out! PTTHO and all that!

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