For all the doom and gloom I see there are some things that make me cheerful. One of those things is what Unity is doing for smaller game developers.

Unity is a game engine that runs on smartphones/tablets (iOS/Android), consoles (Xbox 360, PS3, WiiU), desktops (Windows, OSX, Linux), and even webbrowsers through Unity Player.

Right, with that covered and a rudimentary understanding of what a game engine does you might be able to see why it's such a popular bit of tech.

That's not what inspires me though, although I do love a bit of the ol' cross compatibility. No, it's the sheer variety of games being made. Today I received an email about another Indie Bundle type thing. I paid a few quid for it even though they're not on Steam simply because the games impressed me with their variety.

Recent mentions that spring to mind would be both Dreamfall Chapters and Wasteland 2. One is an adventure game, the other more of a strategy game but it seems the engine is serving them both extremely well.

I'm unlikely to be alone in that I have a game idea sloshing around in my brain. Back in the day I'd have no idea where to begin implementing it but these days it would seem that learning to code would be the first step. That may seem a silly thing to say as that's no different than back then. However, in big neon letters, these days I'd be learning to code with the intention of applying those skills to Unity. Before I would have no idea where to direct my efforts.

With that out of the way I can spend time working on the underlying game mechanics and simple algorithms for how it would work. That makes it much easier to begin to think about what would need to be coded to make the various subsystems work. Certainly a good start!

Earlier I mentioned how I'm a bit of a cross compatibility fan. Something that can be seen by looking at the supported platform lists is that in theory porting a Unity game to Linux is relatively easy. This pleases me. More games made for Linux makes it a more interesting platform for consumers. If the platform starts to gain new titles at a similar rate to competitors it certainly helps its gaming credentials. I'd love to be able to run Linux on the desktop again without feeling like I'm missing out on things. Soon?

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