I’ve used Skype for a long time. I’ve used MSN for even longer.

I used MSN when I was just a kid and kept a Hotmail account to use it (back in the day it had to be a Hotmail account). That email address stopped being useful to me long ago. The odd email that does arrive gets picked up by Gmail automatically anyway.

For Skype I use my Gmail address to login. Realistically though I only use it to talk to about, erm, four people. That’s four more than MSN though.

I say “MSN” because despite Microsoft’s extensive rebranding efforts I haven’t spoken to anyone that accepted the name change. It’s supposed to be called “Windows Live Messenger” but why they would attempt to use that toxic brand for what was once a good product confuses me. The only good Windows Live product I’ve ever used is Windows Live Writer. Some how it managed to be good.

So now that Microsoft own Skype they’re merging the two. Sort of.

They’re actually merging Skype accounts into Windows Live accounts, not the other way around. Well gee, fabulous, I’d love everyone on my contact list to see my now defunct Hotmail address!

Amusingly the address is actually relevant to my work again but that doesn’t change the fact that really I just want to retire it. However it is part of the Windows Live gaming structure and so is tied to my Xbox Live account and my Windows Live DLC stuff.

Either way this strikes me as another one of these cases of “If you didn’t want it to be what it is, why did you buy it?” situations. A company buys another and then proceeds to meddle with it until it loses all value. How much MS intend to interfere remains to be seen but I’ve already seen them do a variety of aggravating things in newer versions of Skype.

I’ll put it this way – Google Plus has hangouts that allow multi person video calls without charging me for the privilege.

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