I’ve been thinking about storage spaces. I, like others in my family, have about six different projects on the go at any one time across multiple disciplines. So for me that manifests itself as multiple sculpts, some painting, a miniature scratch build, a costume prop build, some knitting, maybe an instrument, sometimes electronics, video stuff, or any number of other things.

The problem with this of course is how does one store so many things and still keep them accessible.

Creativity isn’t something that just clocks in at nine and leaves at the end of the day. Inspiration sometimes lasts minutes, other times will keep me up until five in the morning. The key being to strike while the iron is hot!

So to achieve that I need things to be to hand and not stashed on a shelf in a darkened cupboard. In fact if the items I need are stashed away it tends to stifle my desire to use them to a certain extent, well, not quite stifle, more like frustrate. I want to use them but a good idea will be burnt off by the tediousness of the task of retrieving the necessary things.

I would posit that anything that takes longer than 15 – 20 seconds to reach is no good for a creative project. After that length of time it’s just a case of “Ach, screw it, it’s not worth the hassle”.

This gets me pondering as to how best to stratify things by time taken to reach them. Some things like wargames terrain can be stowed a little better because I know in advance when I’ll need them and will usually have help in accessing them. Other things, such as scalpel blades, should always be within two paces, if not within arms reach.

Perhaps there’s already a principal of filing present here but I’m ignorant of it. I’d do some research on the matter but at present it would only apply to me and I’m already a bit of an anomaly.

Utilising some of the spare space at the top of British rooms (with their ludicrously cold high ceilings) to mount descending cupboards on lever arms to me seems ideal to solve this problem. Easy to reach but capable of housing all manner of doodads. Now where did I put my carpentry tools..?

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