As you may know my opinion of Assassin’s Creed 3 was not a positive one. I’m unable to be scathing about it though as there’s two words that fight tooth and nail to describe it. I cannot choose which is more accurate, “dull” or “boring”.

Other factors aside the setting simply didn’t allow for much in the way of adventure. I love a good adventure romp. It doesn’t need to be perfect and I’m quite happy to excuse a bit of goofiness if I’m otherwise enjoying myself. I love the two National Treasure films for precisely that reason.Ben Gates (Nicolas Cage, pictured) steals the Declaration of Independence in order to uncover the final clues leading to the treasure his family has chased for generations.

The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is another excellent example of this – it’s sometimes dumb but it rarely bores me. I used to get this feeling from the Assassin’s Creed games. On occasion it managed to be intelligent or interesting too (I particularly liked the minigame sequences in the earlier games. I hated their omission from AC3).

That said there was one excellent element in AC3 – the naval battles. They were beautiful, exciting, and… fun.

So when this appeared I was rather pleased: assassins-creed-4-black-flag-confirmed-by-ubisoft I would love to explore the settlements of the Caribbean and the other elements appeal too. Amusingly I find myself hopeful that it’ll actually be enjoyable because I cannot imagine Ubisoft managing to create a full Assassin’s Creed game that’s actually worse than AC3. It just doesn’t seem feasible.

Here’s the trailer if you’re interested:

It’s due out on October 29th this year, apparently.

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