I love Bleak Expectations. It’s brilliantly daft.

Recently a book was released that was based on the radio series. This book is, somewhat amusingly, now available as an audiobook.bleak

There’s been a spin-off, of sorts, a live action TV show entitled The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff but whilst amusing it’s nowhere near as good as its inspiration. The simple fact of the matter is that the content of the series cannot easily be handled in live action. The silliness of it could be illustrated but the sheer oddity of the setting doesn’t really work that well when it comes to real actors and sets.

That said I think there is another format that would be absolutely fantastic for Bleak Expectations: a point-and-click adventure game. Animation could handle the many different settings (e.g. Harry Biscuit’s cake fortress, complete with spongeons) and situations found within (such as London suspended on balloons to be sold to France) in a way that live action simply couldn’t.

Then there’s the fact that point-and-click adventures rely on good voice work – not a problem for this property!

Creating puzzles shouldn’t be an issue either given the many problems that arise. It wouldn’t even have to do anything ground breaking, game-wise.

Mark Evans hopefully has the power to make this happen. Doing it via KickStarter would also be a good idea, methinks, in order to gauge support for the idea. I encourage you to tweet at him or dig up an email address and write to him!bleakexpecmarch

I don’t know whether she’d be suitable for such a large project but Amy Mckay has done some wonderful artwork for the series. She hasn’t done art for the fifth series yet but I imagine it’s only a matter of time.

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  1. I would play this game so hard, if only it existed. Great idea!


  2. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks so! Sadly I've not heard back from anyone I've contacted about the idea :(


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