Bitcoins are fairly interesting as a subject both from a technical standpoint and an economic one but the concept behind mining them got me thinking about video games.

In order to acquire bitcoins one can mine for them, essentially solving complex mathematical problems and submitting them to the network. They get rewarded with a certain number of bitcoins. Every so often the number of coins goes down. Ultimately there’s only going to be 21m bitcoins in the entire economy.

I’d give a better explanation than that but honestly I’d probably mess it up (if I haven’t already).cards

Now for the game part – trading card games don’t really work digitally. Sure cards can be overpriced DLC for a game but there’s no real tangibility to the files. They can’t be traded with another player. The cards are digital and therefore basically infinite with no intrinsic worth.

What if bitcoin-like technology was used?

Cards would be transferable and could be “mined” for, for want of a better word. Cards could be sold. Hell, a new set could be designed and the issuing company could mine enough before release to release a limited run that was truly limited.

I’m not precisely sure of the fine details of the maths behind it but the concept of digital goods having limits through uniqueness is an interesting one, I feel.


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