It has finally happened:ac5GNmt

It reminds me of the trailer for an episode of The Boondocks:

Of course the Linux struggle isn’t over by a long stretch but this may at least be a big step. Perhaps it won’t be and Linux support on Steam will be rapidly dropped but let me hope, will you?

It should be noted that Steam is not available on Linux for ARM just yet so things like the Raspberry Pi are excluded. Perhaps in time that will change but for now let’s be grateful for something.

The sale that’s on is cross platform, as per usual, and as such if you buy a game it’ll be available on any platforms it supports not just Windows or Linux. This means I have a fairly substantial game library already which is just damn cool.

Now that there’s a popular digital distribution platform I’m wondering what we’re going to see happening in the coming year. Will things be easier?

Then of course there’s how this factors into the planned Steambox’s future.

I’d say the excitement is killing me but then you might find yourself wondering who is actually writing this post. It’s going to be an interesting year on the techy side of gaming. Perhaps we’ll see a dramatic shift in how console gaming works or maybe there’ll just be another cycle of consoles. I rather hope for the former simply because it makes life more interesting.

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