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6835514540_9aa0bb4774_zAt the time of writing I’m not religious in the slightest. I actively find organised religion disturbing and subversive. Those “Try Praying” bus ads creep me out and read like appeals to suppress critical thinking. Yuck.

That said some of my background is relevant – I was in Christ College Brecon’s choir (if you ever find one of their CDs I’m on it, although incorrectly listed as a soprano – I was an alto at the time). My school had chapel each morning and a full service on Sundays.

Lack of belief held no stigma, at least not in my experience. We were welcome to believe if we liked. I was never castigated for not praying and the singing was fun regardless.

The article is getting various responses and I’m not fully decided. Generally though I feel it’s a positive concept as long as it is kept in check. A free community gathering with songs and interesting speakers sounds like a perfectly good idea.

Troubling to many is the structure of it – commenters point out that it appears to be aping Christian services. I don’t really see why that’s a problem though – the aspect of the services that’s unpleasant is the mysticism and mythology, not the quiet reflection time or the fun songs.

I don’t particularly miss attending services but I can see why there would be a void in the lives of many once they leave the church. This seems lost on so many people though and instead is met with cries of disrespectful smugness and patronisation.

This is why I don't label myself Atheist. For the most part they are more ignorant than Christians.

Obviously they want to try and turn Atheism into a religious cult in the inverse sense (non believing rather than believing).

Fuck 'em. Set of smug twats.


My favourite response to that mentality is this one:

The important thing is that you've found a way to feel superior to both.

>Obviously they want to try and turn Atheism into a religious cult in the inverse sense

My goodness, those people are meeting up to have a good time together! They must be some kind of cult Surprised smile


I’m curious as to whether this will fizzle out or whether atheism will become a new pseudo-religion. As a system of “faith” I currently have no problem with it. It welcomes critical thought and science. Hopefully those things will help discourage excessive manipulation that comes with organised religion.

Or maybe we’re all screwed regardless? I guess we’ll find out in the afterlife. Or not.

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