Don’t knock it ‘till you try it was a prominent topic on Reddit today and reading through it I found myself thinking “You hadn’t tried that?”

I could understand if I was in my fifties or something but I’m not, I’m 26.

I’ve travelled, sure, but in this case I was talking about things like sushi and shower beer. What’s so scary about bloody sushi?! (It’s delicious, nom. I’ve made my own too but it’s not really worth the effort.)

Other highlights:

  • Badminton
  • Sleeping naked
  • Avocados
  • Listening to music in the shower
  • Going to the cinema alone
  • Being nice to people for no reason
  • Online dating
  • Parmesan in soup
  • Magic: The Gathering (and other nerdy games)
  • Various things best not discussed on a public blog

Are people’s experiences really so limited?

I currently live in a basement flat and spend most of my days in a dressing gown (it’s warm, comfy, and catches parts I drop whilst sculpting!). By all rights my experiences should be pretty mundane.

Except they’re not, apparently.

Anna recently mentioned her motivations behind going to our mutual friend, Julia, ‘s kickboxing fight later in February. Essentially it’s an experience which she does not expect to have another chance at in the foreseeable future. I’m going for the same reason, really.

I’ve also been to a bullfight. It wasn’t particularly fun but it’s another thing to look back on (hehehe, “bacon”). I consider the meaning of life to be to exist for enjoyment. That doesn’t have to mean fun all the time, just that the overall experience has been a positive one. So if I work until my eyes are fuzzy and my head aches but I end up with an excellent sculpt to sell on Fox Box then I would consider that overall a positive and satisfying outcome.

This also applies to my private life. The only person I am answerable is myself. I can enjoy whatever I want and don’t really care who knows it. The only reason I don’t discuss it on this blog is the easily indexable nature of it and the ability for things I say to be taken out of context.

Being afraid of negative judgement about these things seems silly to me. Being cautious about publicising it seems sensible but amongst friends I see no need for secrets. They like us for who we are and if they don’t then why are we wasting each other’s time?


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