Some days I have a blog post up by ten minutes past midnight. Other days, like today, I really struggle. Writing two or three posts in a single day can be easy but sometimes I just hit an uninspired wall.

I don’t quite mean writer’s block in this case as much as a lack of interesting content. Some days I feel philosophical, other days geeky, or romantic, or any number of other things that work for writing. But usually it starts by seeing something that sparks something.

I often read or discuss things on Reddit that get me thinking, other times it’ll be something in the news. The problem with the latter is that lately I just haven’t seen much that I have all that much to say about.

Horsemeat? Incorrectly labelled food is bad. Whether you’re fine with eating horse is of no concern to me. Personally I’ve spent a bit too much time around family who love horses to think of them as food. Cows are a bit more drone like in that respect and I’m quite content to nom them instead.

The Pope stepping down? Catholicism is still relevant? Who cares?

Games Workshop being over zealous about their intellectual properties? Shocker.

Bitcoins becoming slightly more mainstream? Changes have been too small to really say anything about the currency’s future just yet.

The UK government’s free labour scam for large companies has been ruled illegal? Glad to see a bit of sense for once. Working for the community is fine but essentially providing slave labour to large companies seems a very bad idea.

Richard III found? Lovely. Why do I care?

Those were just the stories that stood out enough to get a sentence or three of commentary from me. So instead here’s a photo of something that' I’m sculpting:2013-02-13 20.39.45

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