A Reddit thread asked something pertinent earlier today:

What are you into that the average person "just doesn't get"?


Various things were mentioned but one was Warhammer 40,000. The top reply to it was:

Expensive as fuck though.

The reply to that was:

3D printing can definitely change that though.

I mention both as I want to talk about both. However this post is long enough so it’ll be going in the next post.

Talking about hobbies is tricky as it seems many people don’t have any. Let’s be generous and treat going to the cinema as a hobby (not being a movie buff, just going from time to time).

Last time I went to the cinema tickets were £8.70 each for a 2D showing.

That film lasted about two and a half hours. Once that time was over that was that. There was nothing tangible remaining, just as one would expect.

383418_md-Bommer,%20Dakkajet,%20Flye,%20OrksIf I buy an Ork Dakkajet it’ll cost me about £25 or so. I can take a while building and converting it (modifying it from its default appearance to make it unique) and then a while longer painting it. I can’t put an exact number on that but if it took less than ten hours I’d be amazed. I’m sure someone could throw one together much more quickly though so let’s halve that to five hours.

That’s £5 per hour.

How about a box of Ork boyz? Call it £15.

Similarly I’d expect anywhere from five to fifteen hours of work on them. I’d probably buy several sets to make the squad large enough (there’s ten in a set and I can field up to 30 in a unit). That’s a project that’ll take a while!

It’s costing a few pounds per hour, at most.

The thing being though once that time is up the models still exist. So what?

So they’re playing pieces! They’re not an Airfix kit to be hung on a wire, they’re a tactical option in an army to be used in countless games. Those games are usually free!

The cost is upfront, yes, but in terms of time and enjoyment it’s no more expensive than anything else. Want to go snowboarding? That’ll cost you both upfront and for each time you want to hit the slopes. Same with climbing or going to gigs (buying the music and then paying to see the artists).

I’m not suggesting it’s cheap just that it’s not as bad as many complain. Also don’t buy from Games Workshop directly, it’s a mug’s game. Buy from resellers like RocketHobbies, 25% off RRP. Pick up some Vallejo paints (17ml vs. 12ml and a much better container too).

Vallejo Vs Citadel

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