I’ve not played The Longest Journey but I have played Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, its sequel. Ridiculous naming scheme aside it’s one of my favourite not-quite-point-and-click adventure games.

I actually pirated it and played it on a soft modded Xbox. The original, not the 360. I loved it so much I snapped it up on Steam when it became available (and was on sale, let’s not be crazy).origin_dreamfall-the-longest-1

The voice acting was wonderful and the story really sucked me in. It has some stupid combat mechanics but they only come up a few times thankfully.

The thing being that it ended on a cliffhanger.

As the game was old when I played it I wasn’t exactly expecting a sequel, well, ever. I knew it was supposed to have one but we all know how these things go – lots of good games never get “renewed” to use television parlance.

Then in recent months I heard some rumblings and this emerged on Kickstarter:


They’re asking for $850,000 (US) and at the time of writing (less than 24 hours into their 30 day window) they’re sitting at $266,483. I believe they’re using the Unity engine so perhaps there’ll even be a version for Linux. I can hope, right?

I personally haven’t contributed because the lowest tier that gets the game is $20. I’m not paying that much, sorry. If I’m backing it early I’d pay for a “no frills” copy of the game for, say $15. As there isn’t one I’ll be waiting until it’s released and buying it when it goes on sale.

I find very few Kickstarter project offer a tier I’m actually willing to pay for. I will be getting Wasteland 2 though when it’s released in Q4 this year – but let’s be fair, that’s the sequel to Wasteland, the game which inspired Fallout. As it happens it’s using Unity too.

I don’t think I’ve seen an engine be this popular now that I think about it. Hmm.

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