I have an extensive mental list of things I'd like to get good. Unfortunately I also lack the structure to ensure I make steady progress through each field.

For example I have an electric guitar and amp. I intend on learning to play at some point. I used to play acoustic many years hence but a change in teacher upon joining CCB killed off any desire I had to play. It stopped being fun and I was forced to learn notation rather than tab. Notation is all well and good but I had no intention of becoming the best guitar player who ever lived. I just wanted to be able to play enough to have a bit of fun.

I would also like to have a bash at programming in Python. I've tried my hand at programming in the past and found it too abstract for me to grasp. But much like my painting improved with age rather than practice it may well be worth another attempt. More patience makes many things easier.

Next on the unordered list would be knitting. I started that some years ago but currently lack the motivation to continue. I see no real use case for it so why bother, really?

On the other hand becoming proficient with a sewing machine would be of great use to me. I should really get mine repaired at some point...

Then there's more abstract things such as becoming a good presenter, learning to rap in the style of chaphop, improving my drawing skills, and any number of others.

Currently, as you may have noticed, I'm working on my writing. Sculpting is another focus but that's more for professional reasons. The writing thing may become of use in future too, admittedly, but it's a much more versatile skill, hence why it's being worked on first.

I try to write every day to ensure I get sufficient practice in. It's also an exercise in improving personal motivation and stimulating me to try to create content on some sort of sane schedule rather than with no end goal. I probably should learn what a "run on sentence" is though...

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