I was going to write something about violent videogames today but I’m kinda all ranted out.

Today was supposed to be a productive day and I intended to be up around noon (I was asleep around 0315; early for me). Instead I woke up around 1630 and wondered where on Earth the day had gone.

So instead of painting my truck extension kit:

2013-02-04 22.11.45

(The pink serves as an undercoat for the yellow)

Or work on my goblin troop weapons:

Work so far, that is to say there’s still lots of work to be done.

From top to bottom:

  • AK47
  • AK47 with drum mag
  • AK with alternate stock
  • AKS-74U

I find myself sitting here in a dressing gown with a head full of cotton wool.

The troop weapons are fun though as I had an idea. You may already know this but the AK family has a slightly bigger brother in the support role, the RPK:


The main differences between it and the AK are a heavier barrel (to make heat from sustained fire less of an issue), a bipod, a slightly different stock, and a larger magazine.

Given that the RPK can take the same magazines as the AK and that the stocks on my weapons vary a fair bit that boils it down to a slightly different barrel.

So on my troop sprue I’ll be including, along with an extra magazine, a barrel replacement. Chop the barrel off the AK with a drum mag and replace it with the longer barrel, trimmed to preferred length and voila! RPK!

I’m also looking forward to using the AKS-74U as part of some other models, possibly on a sling whilst the warrior uses binoculars or shouts down a chunky old Motorola phone.

So yes, my apologies for the lack of thought provoking post. Shiny things!

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