Thinking back I really miss exercise books.

Their form factor allowed ideas to be broken down to fill single pages in an easily digestible way. Finishing one wasn't a huge achievement and so there was no need for it to be perfect.

Purple and thick for maths, grey for geography, green for biology, Spanish, French, and Latin, yellow for English, red for physics, orange for chemistry, dark blue for history. The details aren't important simply the number of different kinds. Orange sounds wrong though. Hmmm.

At school they became defunct around A-level if memory serves. Files replaced them and some of the ease of use was lost. That really didn't help now I come to think of it.

At university notes were our own problem and most favoured A4 notepads. Some would make notes on laptops but few bothered.

I recall revising for an exam, one of the few occasions I did, where I created an exercise book covering the subject. I condensed my notes into it and created something that was actually easy to revise. I passed that exam with flying colours.

The reason this springs to mind is that it seems the methods that worked so well for me in school now carry a certain stigma. That should probably be ignored given the efficacy of exercise books for me.

Had I used them for normal notes in uni perhaps I'd actually remember a little more from the academia side of the experience. It seems counter productive to joke about how little I learned but it rings true nonetheless. I taught myself a great deal and do not regret the time at all but as an institution I do feel it failed to deliver on its end.

If it's normal to not recall anything notable then I am rather disturbed. Personally the bulk of what I know of business management comes from practical experience and not from the paltry morsels that were slowly fed to me. Two hours of lectures per module? Did they realistically expect anyone to waste their time studying the paltry reading lists that were half-heartfelt foisted upon us?

I guess at some point I should take a real degree…

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