It occurs to me that many of the things I write about start with some connection to Reddit. It feels a little silly but when I think about it, well, it’s not that weird for me.

I used to frequent forums many times a day as well as Slashdot. After that it was forums and Digg.Sp6ba

These days forums aren’t really all that popular. I still use them for wargaming stuff but for other things they really feel like they’ve fallen by the wayside. Facebook and Twitter have arguably eaten the lion’s share of their “casual” traffic, although that’s purely conjecture on my part.

So instead of spending time on dead forums I’ve been using Reddit in place of those things. I have a Facebook account and a Twitter one too, but ultimately they don’t really fulfil my desire to interact with people online.

On the other hand Reddit is so vast as to offer a whole swathe of special interest boards for me to subscribe to as well as plenty more general things. I can get a nice digest of things which interest me from videogames to local matters, from shiny latex things to pretty photos of firearms.

Reddit is also apparently accessible enough to bring in the more casual folks and as such generates new friends rather than providing a discussion space for pre-existing contacts.

Furthermore the localised boards (such as /r/Edinburgh) allow me to easily organise meetups. A recent meetup thread had so many users tagged* that it reminded me of a forum with familiar avatars. Ah, warm fuzzy feelings.

*The tags in question are little labels one can assign to users to remember them. I have Redditors tagged with their real world names, for example

I’m wondering what may come next as Reddit seems to have more internet community (rather than an online community space for real world groups) than Facebook but still less than forums. Perhaps something combining Google Plus style “Circles” or similar with some profile customisation elements?

Or perhaps there’ll just be a new revision of Reddit that adds in some features little by little.

Either way, give Reddit a try, it’s a damn sight more fun than social networks and we’re not all freaks.

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