By the sounds of it the PS4 is going to be essentially a PC in terms of architecture – x86-based. It would seem Sony have at least learned one lesson from their mistakes with the PS3 – powerful hardware is no good if no one can justify the time and hassle of optimising for it.

I’m just going to take this moment to be smug about their “PS3 will have a ten year life cycle, minimum” claim. It’s the start of 2013 now, not 2017. I seem to recall criticising them for their ridiculous bluster some years back. Please allow me to take a moment to be smug.


On the plus side if the console is x86-based then with any luck it’ll make porting games to or from it easier than at present. I’m basing that on precisely nothing and you can just imagine me making this face if you like:yfrYc

8 GB of GDDR5 RAM for the system seems reasonable for the time period at least which is more than I  could say about the PS3. 256/256? Really? How did that seem sensible?

I’d comment on the other stuff they’re unveiling but it’s Sony. About half of it will probably be hype-filled rubbish and the rest will be poorly implemented half-assery. Pessimistic, certainly, but if I’m wrong then we all benefit.

The thing I find myself pondering is whether there will be another console generation after this or not. There’s no guarantee this one will succeed although I think there’s a good chance as long as the decisions each faction makes aren’t too daft. Oh dear gods, Sony, you’re going to need a real shift in corporate philosophy…

By that I mean that they are good at cool technologies and dreadful and “joined-up thinking” which is rather crucial to the way we use technology these days. Well, given the state of their finances it’s a case of adapt or die.

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