A few days ago I tried playing Fallout: New Vegas and basically got bored.

I haven't finished the main storyline, I haven't finished the DLC, I haven't even hit the level cap (although my character is stupendously brutal).

The problem was just how empty the game is. There's a load of things crammed together in the centre of the map and the rest is, for the most part, empty.

It's not so much the lack of content in this case as the way it is distributed. The engine supports much bigger worlds but for some reason it has been limited. Fast travel exists. I shouldn't have to trek somewhere more than once and if there's extended journey time then throw in some damn random encounters.

Instead I find myself disengaged from the story and disinterested in the characters. I stalled in finishing it because I discovered none of my options actually covered what I wanted to do. I vaguely wanted to favour NCR but saw now reason they needed to control the Vegas strip to do it.

Speaking of the strip - it's tiny. Ugh. I barely ever visit it in game because it's three small areas and a load of irritating interiors with far too many loadscreens. Pass.

I find it funny that New Vegas is better than Bethesda's Fallout 3. It is, I would argue, but I've kinda hit my limit for Gamebryo-based Fallout, I think.

I'm not sure if I'll ever go back and finish them because I simply do not care about the story. I have no horse in the race because the options I want simply aren't there. Enemies are sporadic and about as much of a threat to me as a sharpened orange.

It concerns me that I might actually be done with the Fallout franchise. For years it was my favourite but I must say that the Gamebryo engine could argue an innocent man straight to Death Row. It looks bloody terrible and ruins my immersion like it's getting paid to do so.

Perhaps Fallout 4 will finally solve this problem but I'm just not seeing it happening any time soon, tragically.

Save me, Wasteland 2!

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