There’s a bit of a conflict going on in my head at the moment about Sony and the PlayStation brand. Yes, it’s nerdy, but I love console wars.

The thing being that the PS3 was a useless console from the first things I read about it. I expected and was right that it has come third this console cycle. The hardware was trumpeted and gushed about by arrogant executives who left a terrible taste in my mouth and killed any interest in their offering.

Worse than that when I spoke to other gamers many of them were so ignorant as to not grasp the concept of the “Law of limiting factors”, or Liebig’s Law. I was taught this in GCSE biology in reference to photosynthesis but I’m fairly sure it got mentioned in the other sciences too. It’s an easy concept to grasp and if you don’t know what it is then please educate yourself.

The processor in the PS3 was a real piece of work. On the one hand it had a lot of power but on the other it was a mean SoB to code for, or so I’ve heard. Having a great processor is all well and good but I could not for the life of me grasp why they would bottleneck the PS3 is so many other areas.

Fans of Sony would argue that the fast processor made the others irrelevant. Some how they didn’t grasp that a puny amount of RAM would drastically limit what could be achieved. They argued that Blu-Ray discs could hold bucket loads of data and yet didn’t molesworthseem to understand that without a fast way of accessing it the capacity was pointless.

A great processor is no good without a well built system supporting it as any fule kno.

Any interesting technology Sony tried to provide was usually poorly implemented and hair-tearingly slow. My dislike of them as a company was well justified in my book particularly when one takes into account their smug arrogance. I find my own arrogance to be my upper limit in terms of tolerance and even I am a bit much.

So the dilemma I find myself grappling with is whether Sony have actually, I can scarcely say it, learned from their mistakes.

Their new console has a huge dollop of ultra fast RAM, a sensible CPU/GPU setup, and more interestingly has some dedicated hardware chips too. I can’t think of an accurate way of putting it but it seems like they’re putting in a dedicated encoding/decoding chip much like the one found on the RPi that will constantly be encoding the last few minutes (was it ten?) of game play allowing for streaming, editing, and uploading without putting additional strain on the system.

I’ve not heard the price point yet but it seems that there might actually be hope that this console won’t be such a pitifully stupid bit of tech. Furthermore the unveiling seemed to actually recognise that other manufacturers exist. The PS3 didn’t exist in a void but Sony have always tried to behave as if it did. Sorry, chaps, you’re not the only game in town. Ah-ha.

That said anything they say should be taken with a pinch of salt so large as to render even the blandest pasta inedible through excess of it. Until the device is in the hands of consumers I simply cannot trust them. I also don’t know how long this new attitude will last. Perhaps it’ll become the norm after they realise just how arsey they’ve looked for the last cycle or so.

Or maybe they’re just waiting to say “Had you going, didn’t we? FAGS! LOLOLOLOL!!”

At least then I wouldn’t have to find a new corporation to spit vitriolic loathing at…

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