Some gaming news made me a little sad – after five years the weekly releases of Rock Band DLC would be coming to an end.

I haven’t played Rock Band in a while as I don’t currently own a 360 but back when it was new Matt and I clubbed together and bought a set of instruments for it. We didn’t play all that much but it was a great experience and I look back on it fondly.Q3 2008 090

Q3 2008 130Matt also bought some of the DLC because whilst the original soundtrack was good there was a lot missing. The DLC catalogue was growing constantly and the stuff that was up there was excellent.

In fact my only criticism was their disapproval of our band quote! The quote itself was “I’ll finish it later! Yeah!” (I’d link to an actual video but they’re all garbage, ugh). We were those guys…Q2 2008 235

I’m sure for many of us it was part of our university experience. For me it was a lot of fun and I look forward to having a set to play on again. Currently Matt has our set as I have too much stuff to move with a it is.

Back to the point about DLC though – it’s my understanding that Beatles version aside all the tracks were importable in later versions. To me that’s an amazing implementation of something I’ve just come to expect to get screwed on. Yes, that sentence was awkward, I know, but how often do we actually get to see sensibly implemented policies on these things?

As the rhythm genre has died out through fatigue and over saturation I’m wondering how long until it makes a resurgence. It’ll probably be a while and it seems extremely unlikely that the immense back catalogue Harmonix is sitting on will be available in a Rock Band reboot. It makes me a little sad as it was so much fun for me.

Also it’s one of the few times I’ve experienced music in a way I actually enjoy. The logical part of my brain solves the simple puzzle elements of the game while the emotional side soaks up the music. I would then carry the soundtrack around on my phone to get familiar with it.

I guess we have to grow up at some point but this game doesn’t seem to be one I need to put an age limit on. Now to setup a Rock Band fund!

Q3 2008 041

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