There was an article on the BBC earlier that got me thinking – not about its content but about its headline.

The concept of a four day work week with the same hours seems very sensible to me.

That is all.



Okay, fine, it’s not all. The point was that from every source I’ve read most people do not have five days worth of work to do. From the various sources I’ve seen the average office worker only does 10 – 15 hours of work per week. They’re still required to be at their desk every weekday though.

What does that mean for commuting? What would our pollution levels look like if they only worked three days a week?

Furthermore, what would happen if people just had more time off?

What if we employed more people for the same wage but half the hours? Of course other costs would have to decrease such as rent, but how hard would it be to balance things so more people were employed (and as such paying taxes) if their real income was lower?

By real income I’m referring to the amount of money they have left over after their main bills and taxes are paid. Not quite discretionary income as that covers food too, but the amount of cash they see for themselves each month.

The biggest outgoings are usually rent/mortgage, utility bills, transport costs, and taxes. That seems about right anyway.

It’d be interesting to see what would happen if we lowered the rent element of the equation along with taxes (to take into account an increased number of tax payers). It seems likely to me that increasing the number of jobs could really help and the majority’s quality of life would improve.

Perhaps I’m just being a bit of an economic fantasist there though.

Working either full time seems to be the only real option for most people though due to the expense of rent. Huge amounts of cash are spent on it due partly to housing shortage and partly due to what has become accepted as normal. Bit of societal upheaval needed there, methinks.

One Redditor commented:

I would happily take a 20% pay cut to work only 4 days a week.


Spreading that spare day throughout the week could be rather interesting as to how it would affect the economy. Instead of the weekend being when most had access to the shops a much larger number would be available mid-week.

I’m not trying to reach a specific point as I hope you’ve realised, I’m just trying to throw some idea seeds out there into the well-fertilised minds we have.

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